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Brewer’s Cup Rules


#1 Team Roster

Each local Colorado Springs brewery may choose up to fifteen runners per team NLT 1 Jan 2021. The roster should include names, birth dates, and gender and must be received by the Brewers’ Cup Scorer by 1 January ( Chosen runners will compete as members of the brewery team for the entire calendar year. Two substitutes are allowed during the year, at the captain’s discretion; however,the runner being replaced may not return to the roster for the remainder of the season. If a team does not have a full roster by 1 Jan 2021, additions may continue to be made, although runners added after 1 Jan will not be able to accrue retroactive points for races previously run. There is no minimum age for runners.

#2 DUD Swap

The day after the fifth Brewers’ Cup event (14 February 2021), teams may swap ONE runner from their team on that day ONLY if the runner has only attended one race (or zero races) by that time. This swap does NOT count toward the two allowed substitutes during the season.

#3 Team Jerseys

Teams must have jerseys or shirts depicting their assigned brewery and wear them in each race to be awarded points. Runners without the appropriate team shirt will be ineligible for any race points. Due to last minute roster additions and lead time for producing shirts, teams have until 7 February 2021 to have shirts available to all team members. Brewery owners are NOT responsible for purchasing team jerseys as team members should absorb this cost.

#4 Events

All races are designed to be completed in person, although within a wide time frame and on a flexible route of your choosing. Runs must be completed and reported within the published times in order to receive points. Runners who fail to complete the course within the published times will not receive points for the run. The flexibility in route is designed to increase the ability to social distance and conduct the competition safely within recommended event guidelines. Teams are encouraged, but not required, to research the starting areas and design their own route for their runners. There will be THREE events per month –two races and one Full Moon Run.

#5 Earning Points

For each race event, runners must check in with the Brewers’ Cup scoring official and commence the assigned distance. You may complete the distance on any route of your choosing, though you must start and stop the run at the designated check-in site. Upon completion, runners will present the scoring official with their time and distance as shown on a personal GPS device to be entered into the scoring database for points.

#6 Second Saturday runs

On the second Saturday of each month, there will be a Colorado Running Company run between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., which will be 2 miles from January to April, and then increase to a 5K for the remaining months (May to November). Runners will each earn one point for participation. There will be no overall or age group awards for this event.

#7 Full Moon Runs

Each month will have a Full Moon Run, which is a weeklong event where runners may earn one point each for participating. While runners are HIGHLY encouraged to visit the designated brewery and purchase a beer and/or associated swag, runners may also choose to complete a task in lieu of a purchase that assists in the promotion and support of that brewery. Examples may be sharing one of the brewery’s posts/events/specials on social media, writing a review, or posting an original photo promoting the brewery during the published dates of the Full Moon Run. As breweries most especially appreciate and need our patronage, runners are first encouraged to purchase a beer or brewery swag, as you are able. Team captains must verify runners’ participation and submit a list of participating individuals via email to NO LATER THAN the last published day of the Full Moon Run. Submissions received after that date will not receive points, so please plan accordingly, or set reminders, as needed.

#8 Points

Each month will have one race in which runners are eligible for additional placement points. Runners will receive one point for participation and additional points for podium finishes (1st, 2nd, or 3rd place). Runners may earn one additional point for 2nd or 3rd place finishers in age group categories. Two additional points for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place overall or 1st place in age group categories. Runners may only score in age group or overall standings –not both. With two exceptions, additional participation points for longer distances may be awarded as follows:

  • February Jack Quinn Run –One point for 5K and two points for 13.1 miles.
  • April Cheyenne Mountain State Park Run –One point for 10K, two points for 25K, and three points for 50K.
#9 Attendance Bonus

Runners who attend ALL Brewers’ Cup events for the year will receive a five-point bonus at the end of the season.

#10 Winning Teams

The overall and division winning teams will be determined immediately following the last event of the season. Any errors or contention with points awarded during the season must be addressed no later than 24 hours following the last event. Any unawarded points found after that time will no longer be accepted as additions to team season total. In order to avoid conflict, it is recommended that team captains and runners check the accuracy of their points as results are posted. If a discrepancy is found, the team captain is to notify the Brewers’ Cup scorer at

#11 Ties and Prizes

In the event of a tie between either overall or division winners, the team with the highest number of individual participants in all events will be the determined winner. The winner of the 2021 Brewers’ Cup will receive the rotating trophy, engraved with the name of their brewery. Overall champion and division winners will receive custom patches, if desired.